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Resounding success of Oye Hoye launch event

A successful launch of United Snacks’ now celebrated potato chips brand, Oye Hoye, was conceptualized and executed by JS Events. It was a night to remember as many celebrities and opinion leaders were in attendance and extended their support towards the brand. A magnificent set up and fabulous performances made the event a huge success.


Oye Hoye launched to compete against the existing giants in the industry and this was the biggest challenge that had to be overcome to make Oye Hoye appear as a clear winner. Our goal was to give a Pakistani brand an international flavor and put Oye Hoye on the map. A larger than life event was required to mark Oye Hoye’s arrival in the industry and JS Events delivered by putting together a grand event which elevated the launch of the brand and was admired by many. An intricately planned and executed night gained a lot of eyeballs and gave Oye Hoye the launch it needed to stand out among its competitors.

Success Story                

An unforgettable spectacle organized by us for the launch of United Snacks’ Oye Hoye left a lasting impression on many. A glorious night was put to seamless execution by a team of highly skilled individuals who gave attention to every single detail.

A 14000 sq. ft. wooden decking gave the event the feeling of a grand Greek amphitheater and the addition of 12 technologically advanced SMD screens placed in a 270 degree semi-circle around the audience made the experience a visual delight. A musical production curated by Jamal Rahman starring Zoe Viccaji, Sara Haider and Jimmy Khan singing eastern classic pop was made larger than life with 30,000 watts of sound. A feature which caught the eye of many was a media wall made with 48,000 packs of Oye Hoye chips. The event was lit up with a light show by a team of 12 UK based performers. This group of LED dance performers mesmerized the audience with their exquisite act which they put together after 96 hours of continuous rehearsal.

The event was further made special by the appearance of Saad Haroon, the second funniest man on Earth, who hosted the entire event and Pakistani superstar, Fawad Khan, who was also the brand ambassador for Oye Hoye. With an extensive reach on digital platforms, the event was the second highest trend on twitter. A night of glitz and glamour came to an end with a sit down dinner organized for all the guests by The Lahore Social.

Oye Hoye Launch Event Montage